The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I love autumn so much. (If you know me, this is both obvious and an understatement.) Erik and I always go back and forth because he loves the winter and snow and I love pumpkins, cornstalks, mums, and…. not snow. What we can both agree on, though, is that we love it when summer ends and we love partaking in fall activities.

Last weekend we went up to Eastmont Orchards to go apple picking. I usually make the mistake of going to the orchard too late into October and have little to pick off of the trees by then. I wasn’t going to let that happen this time. We got there on a perfectly sunny day with low humidity and probably way too many types of apples to choose from.

Just like our favorite seasons, Erik and I disagree on the types of apples we prefer. I love Fuji apples and anything that’s sweet. Erik likes the tart¬†ones. His favorite used to be Granny Smith, but he’s moved on to bigger and better (and redder) apples: Cortland.

But first: pumpkins!

natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-8-of-40We kept telling ourselves that it’s too early to get a pumpkin and that we’ll come back later in October to pick some to decorate for Halloween. That was before we saw this giant field of both orange and white pumpkins and promptly changed our minds.

natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-11-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-9-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-10-of-40I needed to have a white pumpkin. I don’t know why, but I loved the way that they look. Such a great contrast against the orange ones. Erik picked out a perfectly round orange one, while we got the tiny pumpkin for his mom (it’s a long running joke stemming back to Hurricane Sandy in 2012).

Now, what we came here to do:

natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-12-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-41-of-1The folks working at the orchard gave us a little flyer that breaks down all the types of apples they grow and how they look, taste, and what they are best used for. I had an idea to make a paleo apple-something, so I needed baking apples. Erik just wanted to find a good tart apple (or 20) to bring home and eat.

natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-26-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-13-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-15-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-18-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-19-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-14-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-16-of-40We started with the Jonathan apples since the flyer said those were good for baking. I got a little carried away with taking photos while Erik stocked up on a whole mess of Red Delicious.

Then, it happened. He discovered the Cortland apples.

natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-31-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-21-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-23-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-28-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-32-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-30-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-33-of-40He’ll never be the same again. I just watched him from the end of the aisle as he disappeared in and out of the trees picking his Cortlands.

natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-25-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-24-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-22-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-35-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-36-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-37-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-38-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-39-of-40 natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-vert-1-of-1natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-20-of-40We ended up with a wagon filled with goods by the end of our excursion. I was nervous when the cashier was weighing everything, but the prices weren’t bad at all! We got some fresh apple cider before heading back home.

natural-lifestyle-blog-hashimotos-thyroid-disease-fall-40-of-40I’m glad our weekend was good, because I had a really rough week after Monday. I was up for most of the night on Tuesday night with pretty severe gallbladder pain. My gallbladder attacks have been really inconsistent so I really have no idea what triggered it. The only thing I do know is that it lasted through yesterday and it was awful. As a result, it made me super tired throughout the whole week. My body just exhausted itself because of whatever was going on inside of me. If this keeps up I’m going to have to get my gallbladder removed sooner than I thought.

Other than that hiccup, I’ve been feeling pretty good! I’m excited to do more fall activities (if it ever stops raining) and work on some projects here and there.

Thanks for reading,

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