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Surviving Disney With Hashimoto’s

It’s been too long! Wow, okay so I feel really bad about taking so long to make this post. There has just been so much going on. Just a week after our trip to Sleepy Hollow, Erik & I hopped on a plane to Orlando, Florida with his family to spend 8 days in Disney World! The trip was planned over the span of about 16 months. This was crucial for me due to my dietary restrictions and other symptoms and side effects of living alongside Hashimoto’s. With that said, this post will outline how I survived 8 days in Disney World with thyroid disease.

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A Week In The Life

I took a different (& new) approach for my blog this week! Since this blog started back in February of this year, I’ve been showing all of you what types of adventures and activities I get up to on the weekends. Lately I’ve been inspired to do more iPhoneography using new techniques and skills that I’ve been studying from some of my greatest inspirations on Instagram and other social media platforms. With that said, I decided to challenge myself by preparing for this weekend’s post by documenting not just my weekend, but an entire week of my everyday life using nothing but my iPhone 6. That means that all the photos in this post were taken and edited¬†(with a free app!) with just my phone.

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