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Catch-Up: Wedding Planning (Part 2) Edition

In my last post, I outlined my health throughout the past year of my life. This is a continuation of that same idea, except this time I get to talk about our wedding! The planning process has gone pretty smooth with only a few bumps along the way. Everybody involved has been so great to us – from our vendors to our bridal party and families. Without giving too much away, here’s an update of what’s been going on.

In the first part of my wedding update from last summer, I mentioned that we had booked our venue. Now, almost a full year later, we’ve got pretty much everything taken care of — photographer (the photos in this post are from our engagement shoot this past spring! It was very wet that day, haha), caterer, florist, rentals, DJ (who is actually my brother), officiant, and some other folks who will remain a secret for now.

Earlier this week we had our tasting with the caterer. Erik & I are both so excited about how our menu turned out. We think that it’s totally unique, while fitting well with the fall season’s flavors and warmth. Everything we tasted was incredible. I guess I can give one thing away: our favorite part of the menu is the cinnamon beef chili with all the options for toppings that you could ever want! Although, truly, the best thing about the food is that I can eat it! Our caterer specializes in dietary restrictions and has been amazing throughout the whole process.

While we’re on the topic of food, we decided to go with a gluten free and vegan wedding cake from our favorite bakery, Papa Ganache. If we’re gonna spend the money on a cake, I wanna make sure I can eat it! I’m really excited. Having been to many weddings as a vendor myself, I often go without being able to eat the meal supplied for me by the couple due to my restrictions, so Erik & I had to make sure I had no restrictions at my own wedding.

My dress has been tailored and is all ready to go. The tailor is pressing it and getting it ready for us to pick up the week of the wedding. Erik is still putting together his outfit, I think all he needs to do is pick up a shirt and some shoes. I think all of the bridesfolk are finished finding their clothes except for my brother who need to exchange his shirt for a smaller size (he had me pick everything out for him and I’ve got no idea how to pick out the right sizes and fit for him, haha).

Erik & I decided to try our hand at a few DIY projects. I made my own necklace that I’ll be wearing, while Erik has been working on the table number cards. Last weekend we finished a sign that we have to put together once we bring everything up to the venue.

Those are all of the big things, I think. I’ve got a list of smaller tasks we have to finish up — like the menus I’m having printed, comfy shoes for the reception, ties for the bridesfolk, etc. In the upcoming weeks we have a bunch of final meetings to get everything confirmed, so that’s pretty much it until October! I’ve enjoyed planning a wedding, but since the beginning on August I’ve been ready for it to be over, haha. I don’t do well during crunch time and feeling like I don’t have enough time to get every last detail set and ready to go. That, and worrying over bad weather. (Which I know I shouldn’t do but I can’t help it!)

I’m looking forward to making an update once we get our wedding photos back so there can be visuals to go along with what I’ve been describing in these wedding planning posts. If our vision comes together the way we’re hoping, that is!

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    Blessings and all good wishes for your future.

    I am your dad’s cousin.

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